22 Detox Soups to Cleanse and Revitalize Your System

Soups are the best and easiest way to detox. All you need to do is blend in some of the healthiest superfoods and devour them after seasoning with scintillating herbs and spices. You can always blend your veggies to create a creamy puree, or you can just chop them up into tiny pieces to enjoy a crunchy delight.

The amazing part about detoxifying with soups is the fact that you get to tantalize your taste buds alongside brimming up your body with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Here, take a look at some delightfully delicious soups to begin your detox regime:

1. Hot & Sour Veggie Soup

This is a brilliant soup to enrich your body with healthy digestive floral as it contains a good quantity of apple cider vinegar. You also need a pack of mixed mushrooms, or you can pick out between reishi or shiitake, whatever suits your taste buds because both these mushrooms have powerful detoxifying profiles. They create the most amazing hot and sour brew without having to add meat, but you can pick out your choice of veggies to toss in to make the soup crunchy.

This mushroom and apple cider vinegar soup aids your body in flushing out all impurities and toxins, and the taste is so utterly divine you just can’t help loving every bite that you slurp in.

2. Ginger, Cumin & Carrots Soup

These three powerful ingredients create a scintillating and delicious blend that will flush out all the toxins and impurities from your body, along with working wonders at replenishing your hunger and taste buds.

Ginger and cumin blend together to create the most aromatic culinary experience, and the flavor is so excitingly rich, you’ll find yourself craving for more. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, fibers, antioxidants and plenty of fiber. They provide a nutrient-rich base for the soup, while ginger brims up the recipe with heaps of cleansing agents, and cumin replenishes your body with its powerful curative profile.



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