9 Essential Seeds That Can Empower You

Unlike other plant seeds from coffee, cocoa and nuts that can cause allergies, increase blood cholesterol level and contain tons of calories, these 9 super- smart plant seeds work effectively for lowering down your cholesterol, preventing you from heart strokes and helping you lose extra fat. These vital plant seeds are nutty and crispy little snacks to be munched on in afternoons and evenings and can keep you from consuming fatty foods.

How? These nine seeds are high in fiber content that makes you feel satiated. They supply your body with essential minerals, amino acids, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Seeds, in their raw forms, without being salted and roasted are among healthy fats to be added to your diets, reveals Ashley Pettit, who is a nutritionist.

Go through the list of these 9 seeds and their vitality in your life; and adapt them into your diets. Enjoy a healthier and longer life.

1. Pomegranate Seeds

If you love to have these beaded sour-sweet jewels, then, continue your love for little round Vitamin C pills, which have additional antioxidants as a treat for you.

Interestingly, a whole cup of seeds of pomegranate have less than 150 calories. Garnish your foods and salads or take them as evening snacks, you will enjoy in every way.



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