8 Surprising Foods You Should Never Eat In Summer

Nearly all the crops, grains, veggies and fruits are seasonal, and you can only enjoy them in their most ripened and pulpiest conditions during their harvesting season. For instance, orange is a winter delight, while cucumbers are best during the summers. Now, you can always pay twice the amount to buy out-of-season fruits in a fancy package or a grocery store, but hey, these are not healthy.

Not only are the incredibly low in nutrients, but also, their taste is simply not good enough if they’re not ripe and pulpy. So, why waste all that money when you can enjoy some incredibly succulent and fresh fruits and veggies that are in season?

Here are 8 foods that you should never shop during the summer season:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal, whole wheat and brown rice are all brimming with complex carbs, and protein. And these nutrients give your digestive organs a very hard time while digesting. Your body has to use extra energy to digest them, and this heats up your body temperature. Therefore, it’s always better to enjoy a chilled and cool breakfast in the morning, for instance Greek yogurt and fresh fruits, or a fresh chilled smoothie.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is only harvested during the spring, and if you buy it all year round, you’re not making a very healthy purchase for your family. You see, even though it is available during the early months of summers, the flavour is bland and the quality is also limper. And chances are, the asparagus you’re buying has been imported from a region where farming is unsustainable, for instance Mexico or Peru.

Summer offers you a delightful myriad of fresh leafy greens and root veggies, so why not feast on fresh beans and a snow peas salad?


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