19 Worst Habits for Your Heart

A healthy heart is the key to a healthy body, because after all, the health of the heart determines our ability to stay alive. According to statistics, more than 1 in every 3 American adults are diagnosed with cardiovascular ailments. And the biggest reason behind this extremely sad ratio is unhealthy lifestyles and heart-damaging habits.

However, there’s no reason to despair because these bad habits can be easily altered to make a huge difference to the health of your heart. You simply have to make some healthy lifestyle changes and your heart will be youthful once again.

Here, take a look at the worst 19 habits that severely damage your heart, and how they can be avoided:

1. Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

Researchers believe that the moderate consumption of alcohol is actually good for the heart, but if you consume it excessively, it can cause severe damage. You see, excessive consumption of alcohol puts you at a greater risk for developing high blood pressure levels, increased levels of blood fats and it contributes to the development of heart failure. Also, it fills up your body with excessive calories, which causes obesity, another grave risk factor that leads to heart ailments.

It is wise to limit your consumption, men should have no more than two drinks every day, while women should limit themselves to just one. Just to be clear, one drink equals to a 4 ounce glass of wine, or a 12-ounce pitcher of beer.

2. Smoking or Living with a Smoker

One simply cannot stress enough on the need to quit smoking because it aggravates the symptoms of heart ailments worse than any other bad habit. You see, smoking ruins the health of the heart as it encourages the formation of blood clots, which block the blood flow received by the heart, along with encouraging the build-up of plaque within the arteries.

Smoking is a highly injurious habit that isn’t just dangerous for your health, but in fact, it is dangerous for the health of everyone around you. Statistics reveal that nearly 46000 non-smokers who live with smokers tend to die from heart ailments every year because second-hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking yourself.

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