15 Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Women continue to experience changes in their body from infancy and adolescence to motherhood and menopause. Some changes are natural and occur with time, however other changes can often be symptoms of severe illnesses, especially cancer.

If you don’t spot the symptoms with care and consistency, cancer is the type of disease that will slowly and gradually creep into your body and infect all your organs with cancerous cells. You must be sure to pay attention to all the changes that are occurring into your body, and take serious measures to probe into their cause.

If there’s a new change in your body and you can’t find a plausible explanation for it, you must consult your doctor immediately. Remember, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

Here are 15 symptoms that you must never ignore:

1. Patches in the Mouth

If you’re a chain smoker, be sure to examine your mouth and lips for white or fiery red patches, as they are both symptoms of oral cancer. If you spot these symptoms, rush to your dentist or doctor to perform the required tests and begin an effective treatment.



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