12 Foods That Taste Even Better Frozen

We all have our own secret tricks to devour the taste of our favourite fruits and foods. Some like their chocolate hot, while some like to devour it frozen just to enjoy the sensation of chocolate melting in their mouth. Similarly, some people adore devouring avocados in a guacamole with onions, lime juice and tomatoes, while others smash them on toasts, make smoothies, or freeze them for a succulently crunchy snack.

The best way to improve both, the texture and the taste, of sugary and juicy fruits is to freeze them, and experience a delightful foodgasm.

Just give it try, frozen pears, avocados, plums or even chocolate, and you’ll realize that the texture has much greater consistency, creaminess and warmth. You can actually turn 100% real fruits into natural popsicles, a great trick to get your kids to eat nutrient-rich fruits, especially avocados as they tend to get mushier and creamier.

There are countless frozen delights that we’re all missing out on, and we’ve put together a list of 12 foods and fruits that you absolutely must freeze to devour a wondrous taste and texture.

Here, take a look:

1. Stone Fruits

Stone fruits, such as pears and peaches, must be frozen if you want to devour their succulent juice and sugary-burst. You see, when frozen stone fruits start to melt, they release all their juice and sugar-content, which makes them intensely delicious. This is truly the best trick to enjoy 100% fruit ice popsicles.


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