10 Primal Superfoods to Help You Perform 10 Times Better

We get all our energy and health from essential nutrients, and where do these nutrients come from? A wise man once said, ‘you are what you eat’.

In order to obtain all the essential nutrients that will elevate our energy levels and improve our performance, we need to attack the superfoods with a vengeance, and add them to a daily diet for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Here, take a look at the superfoods you need to start eating now:

1. Organic Eggs

Research reveals that organic eggs that are obtained from cage-free hens contain a powerful concentration of essential vitamins and minerals, primarily choline and biotin. Choline pushes cholesterol through the bloodstream, while biotin breaks down all the nutrients and uses them to create energy.

Furthermore, organic eggs are brimming with healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins, basically all the essential nutrients required to fuel the body and enhance energy levels. Eggs are always the richest source of protein and you must add them up to your daily breakfast routine.


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